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What others are saying...


"Debbie has worked with my teenage son over the last three years helping him to develop expressive language and cognitive processing skills. He has both speech and auditory processing issues, which severely inhibited his ability to read, write and interact verbally. He was at least 4 grade levels behind his peers. Through her focused and adaptive style of therapy and instruction, he has progressed significantly and most notably in his ability to fluently and clearly express himself, read, organize his thoughts, and use higher level vocabulary and complex sentence structures. As core skills, his progress in these areas has strengthened his ability to absorb and use new information. She relates well to my son mixing activities and trying new approaches to keep him engaged. He never complains and is motivated to work throughout the sessions. In addition, her comprehensive feedback and advice for activities and approaches at home and school has helped us build a comprehensive approach that reinforces and builds on her therapy. My son has made up two grades, and is more confident and independent. I highly recommend Clearly Speaking Therapy."


“My daughter has received speech therapy from Debbie and we could not be more pleased and grateful.  I am in the healthcare field myself and found Debbie to be both clinically highly skilled and also extraordinarily approachable to both children and their parents. My daughter had been screened as needing services by her private school and Debbie tested her and throughout her treatment process was honest about what the goals were, where we were in relation to those goals, and what my daughter and myself could do at home to help advance her speech goals. She even helped work with her on some of the anxiety she had about speaking in front of her peers and encouraged her that she was making the progress needed to succeed. It was bittersweet when my daughter had met those goals - she actually did not want to stop attending speech therapy sessions with Debbie. I would recommend her highly to anyone.  I feel relieved to know that if any of my kids need therapy in the future we have an excellent resource available in the Herndon/Reston area like Debbie that I can have assist us with any speech challenges.”

-Mary Beth

"My son has been seeing Debbie Jones for over 2 years. When we first came to her we found out he had Apraxia of speech and did not know what to expect for his future. With Debbie's hard work and diligence he has come so far! We are so thrilled with the progress he has made with her! She is always very accommodating, caring and available to answer any questions. You can tell she truly loves her job and in return the kids love her!"


"I brought my son to Ms. Debbie at Clearly Speaking when he was 2 and completely nonverbal. He responded immediately - In his first session he said a word and learned new signs. Thanks to therapy, he has progressed rapidly and now tests in the normal range. Ms. Debbie calmly handled his tantrums and other toddler behavior and managed to keep him progressing throughout. She also gave me techniques to use at home with him, and we have approached his treatment as a team, which makes all the difference. I highly recommend this practice for individual attention and therapists who genuinely care about the development of the child. For us the proof is the results - my happy chatterbox of a son!"


"My son saw Debbie from age 2-4. My experience there was positive as I found both Debbie and Keira very caring and hands on. I also feel that they are very comfortable working with toddlers to teens and not everyone can balance such a spectrum of ages."


"My daughter has been seeing Debbie Jones for over a year now. Debbie looks at my daughter as a whole person and not just a speech therapy patient. Debbie adjusts her sessions as needed to address concerns and areas of weakness while maintaining the goals established in the treatment plan. We couldn't be more pleased with the progress our daughter is making!"


"Debbie has worked with our child for several years. She establishes effective plans and sticks to them. She has a very positive, growth-oriented approach that has worked wonders. She is also very supportive of parents and patients when dealing with local school systems. She really goes the extra mile. To her, its personal, not business."


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